I am currently a University Teacher in International Relations in the Department of Politics & International Relations at the University of Sheffield. I have written about my teaching practice for the E-IR Ivory Tower blog, and you can access my posts here. Details of my current teaching can be found here, but I have variously taught:

  • POL117 Introduction to International Relations
  • POL232 Contemporary US Foreign Policy
  • POL3019 Terrorism, Violence and the State
  • POL3100 Explaining Politics
  • POL3121 War, Peace & Justice
  • POL6004 Understanding Politics
  • POL6005 Contemporary Global Security
  • POL6007 Research & Dissertation Preparation

I addition I have supervised Undergraduate and Masters dissertations as well as shorter student research projects. Before this, within the School of Politics & International Studies at the University of Leeds I taught and lectured on PIED1511 Introduction to International Politics, PIED2501 Theories of International Relations and PIED3502 The Responsibility to Protect and Prosecute. Prior to this I taught history (Development of Western Civilization, and the Middle East since Muhammad) as part of my Masters at Central Michigan University.