Currently I am working on a selection of three articles generated from my PhD research and developing my PhD thesis into a monograph. In recent years I have presented my research at British International Studies Association Annual Conference (Dublin, 2014; Brighton, 2017), the International Studies Association Annual Convention (Atlanta, 2016) and the Biennial Responsibility to Protect in Theory and Practice Conference (Ljubljana, 2017). I have also given a guest lecture for the Leeds R2P Student Coalition (2016).

In February 2019 I wrote two short reflections for E-IR about my teaching experience and efforts in Active Learning, Working with and Supporting Teaching Assistants and Turning Point & Padlet: Using Technology in Small Group Teaching

In July 2015 I was invited to contribute to MUNPlanet with a perspective on popular expectations of and the challenges facing the UN in an anarchical international society – The United Nations – Where Talking About the Rules Matters As Much As Enforcing Them?

In April 2014 I wrote for E-IR about the implications of the crisis in Crimea for international society – Crimea: A Problem of and for International Society .