Currently I am working on articles generated from my PhD research and developing my PhD thesis into a monograph. In the meantime my publications include:

Research Article

R2P and the Arab Spring: Norm Localisation and the US response to the early Syria crisisGlobal Responsibility to Protect (Online publication June 29th 2020) and co-authored with Dr Xavier Mathieu and Professor Jason Ralph. It’s open access!

Online Work

Coronavirus: UN security council finally calls for global ceasefire after US and China delay talks – co written with Dr Jess Gifkins, this short piece for The Conversation traces the 100 days it took the UN Security Council to adopt Resolution 2532 on July 1st 2020. Published July 2020.

Working with and Supporting Teaching Assistants and Turning Point & Padlet: Using Technology in Small Group Teaching – two short reflections for E-IR about my teaching experience and efforts in Active Learning, from February 2019.

The United Nations – Where Talking About the Rules Matters As Much As Enforcing Them? An invited contribution to MUNPlanet with a perspective on popular expectations of and the challenges facing the UN in an anarchical international society, from July 2015.

Crimea: A Problem of and for International Society  A contribution for E-IR about the implications of the crisis in Crimea for international society, from April 2014.

Conference Activity

In recent years I have presented my research at British International Studies Association Annual Conference (Dublin, 2014; Brighton, 2017), the International Studies Association Annual Convention (Atlanta, 2016) and the Biennial Responsibility to Protect in Theory and Practice Conference (Ljubljana, 2017). I have also given guest lectures at the Leeds University Union World Unite Festival (2014) and the Leeds R2P Student Coalition (2016).